Accepting Marketing and Design Assignments

After careful consideration, I have decided to start a marketing company.    I have spent the past few months interviewing people and I have hired several people who will be working with me to create beautiful designs and successful marketing campaigns to build up a personal and company branding.

I have been writing a marketing blog over the years in an effort to help others to understand how to market their businesses.  Now I would like to provide the service for others.  My focus will be branding, designs, marketing plans, search engine optimization, Google AdWords, social networks, ads, e-commerce, press releases, blogs, articles, white papers, e-books, children’s book illustrations, websites, and classes.

If you have a marketing problem that you would like to resolve, please do not hesitate to contact me for a consultation.

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About cavanaughcreation

I am a designer, free lance writer, business consultant, and owner of a music school. I write business and finance articles and design custom clothing and gifts for the home. I enjoy the beach and reading.
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