Watercolor Classes for Children

Because many of the schools have reduced or eliminated their art programs, children do not have the same opportunities to develop their talent.  Their levels of creative ability are faltering at a time when they are going to need these skills.  When they get older and start working after they have graduated from college, they are going to need these skills when they are searching for creative solutions to the world’s problems.  Otherwise, they will fail to solve the problems.

For example, the country of Bangladesh is sinking below sea level.  In time, some believe by 2050,  the land will be completely immersed underwater.  Today, the problem is so severe that hospitals and schools are built on boats because of the lack of land to build them.  Consequently, the people are travelling on boats to attend school and to visit hospitals.  The problem is getting worse.  How will today’s children solve this problem and where are they going to put the people who have no land on which to live?

Kyung Hee Kim, PhD has done research on creativity scores and has determined that creativity scores have decreased since 1990.  This is because of the decrease in opportunities for children to use their creativity.

As a child, I had ample opportunities to develop my creativity and I believe it is important for children to have someone in their lives who can encourage them.  I am holding a watercolor painting class for children in Pawtucket, RI.  The name of the class is:

                                      Explorations in Watercolor

The goal of this three week session is to teach children the basic principles of watercolor painting and to give them an opportunity to create paintings using different tools. Three classes on consecutive Saturdays. One-time materials fee and snacks included. ($100.00 for the entire series.)

 Dates:  July 22, July 29, August 5, 2017

Time:  1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Place:  Pawtucket Public Library, 13 Summer Street, Pawtucket, RI

Here is the link to sign up the child.  The class has to be paid in advance of the session. Feel free to contact me with questions.  I am only offering three sessions in July, but will offer more sessions when school begins.




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I am a designer, free lance writer, business consultant, and owner of a music school. I write business and finance articles and design custom clothing and gifts for the home. I enjoy the beach and reading.
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