Creating a Variety of Products

Cavanaugh Creations is starting off on the right foot this year to offer you more of a variety of products. Hand-Made of 75% acrylic and 25% Merlino wool, they have the look and feel of cotton. I have been crocheting since I was a child and I enjoy it immensely. It helps me to relax and take my mind off of some of the drama in life! I have such a passion for it! I have crocheted several of theses shawls in various colors. Custom-made in your favorite color or colors, they look nice with spaghetti strap blouses and gowns, or just wear with a pair of jeans.

In recent years, crocheting has gained in popularity. The Egyptians were the first to crochet. They did many intricate forms of knotting and braiding of the hair and some hair stylists still use some of the techniques for today’s fashions and hair styles.

If you want to learn how to crochet, I have a number of videos available on You Tube and I am going to do a tutorial on crocheting this shawl, due to popular demand. I teach chain stitches, single crochet, and double crochet. Made primarily of treble crochets, this shawl is quite a challenge. Here is a video on the chain stitch for those who want to learn crochet – this is how it begins. E-mail me with any of your questions or respond to this posting at the bottom of the page.


About cavanaughcreation

I am a designer, free lance writer, business consultant, and owner of a music school. I write business and finance articles and design custom clothing and gifts for the home. I enjoy the beach and reading.
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