T-shirts and tank tops

Here are my latest t-shirt and tank top designs. I am currently marketing the Africanus line for the MLK Day and Black History Month. My mother’s garden was the source of inspiration. The African Masai Warrior is from Kenya. All of the designs are in watercolor. I have a passion for painting – I get totally absorbed!

These shirts are all 100% cotton and machine washable. Great for biking, hiking, or just hanging around the house. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own unique t-shirt design?

This tiger lily design is one of the first flowers I started painting over 20 years ago. I saw a huge tiger lily bush while I was out walking and fell in love with tiger lilies. The colors and shapes of the petals make an interesting study. Notice how the two stems mirror one another.

I did this fruit design recently when I saw an interesting arrangement at the grocery store. I liked the colors on a plain white background.

This men’s t-shirt makes a proud statement for men who are interested in their roots.
The contrasting colors really make the design stand out. This shirt comes in other colors as well.
Yes, and the ladies like this design as well. It’s quite a conversation piece for collectors of African artifacts. It is amazing that there are still Masai tribe warriors in Kenya on the continent of Africa in this day and age. But the culture is very interesting.



About cavanaughcreation

I am a designer, free lance writer, business consultant, and owner of a music school. I write business and finance articles and design custom clothing and gifts for the home. I enjoy the beach and reading.
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