Becoming an Expert

It takes ten years to become an expert in any discipline. To be an expert, you have to practice everyday. writers should write every day and musicians should play their instruments everyday. Of course, if you need to take a break, it is wise to do so, but diligence is the key. In addition to this, the creative person has to learn everything they know about their discipline. Taking courses as well as studying under an apprentice will help you grow.

In reading about the masters, I discovered that they spent years just learning how to make and mix colors before they started the actual process of painting. It takes about ten years of working to be known as an expert in the field. Many artists, writers, and musicians started learning at a very early age, as I did. If you are struggling with whether or not you have talents, go back to your childhood and determine what it was that you enjoyed doing.


About cavanaughcreation

I am a designer, free lance writer, business consultant, and owner of a music school. I write business and finance articles and design custom clothing and gifts for the home. I enjoy the beach and reading.
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