RI Kids Create t-shirt and Book

Kids t-shirt     T-shirt - Mindbody1 Women's t-shirt

We have a t-shirt for ths school – actually it was supposed to be the camp t-shirt.  But, we have decided it should be the school t-shirt.  It comes in all sizes and there is a style for men, women, and children.

We wanted a design which would reflect what we are trying to do at the school.  We want our piano players to be able to play with other musicians.  As students become more proficient, we will bring in other musicians and even singers to accompany the piano players.  Let us know what you think!  The shirts are available at ETSY.  We appreciate the visits to the site, and even more, the sales!

We are trying to build up the school, so I have written a book to help encourage young piano students.  Beyond My Imagination is on sale on-line at Amazon and Barnes and Noble’s.  However, I am trying to arrange a book tour and would appreciate the help in ordering books and covering travel expenses.  I would like to speak to parents about the benefits of music for their children.  Please spread the word to friends and family, and if so moved, please order the book.  Thanks!

Bey, My Imag. bk cover-resie

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Art for Children

Happy Hands Cover2 (400x225)

As the summer approaches, parents may be looking for ways to engage their children in healthy pursuits.  Art is a great way to encourage children to develop their talents as well as to develop skills which will help them later on in life.

Stuides have shown that the innovators in society are often the most creative.  Children who are exposed to a wide variety of arts are able to create new inventions and obtain patents for them.  They are also able to solve problems more creatively.  Children who develop artistic ability also develop strong critical thinking skills, and have a tolerance for other ethnic groups – all great qualities for a child to have!

Unfortunately, many of the public schools are eliminating art from the curriculum because of budget cuts, leaving parents to find other alternatives to exposing their children to enrichment xercises such as art.  Inner city children can look to non-profit organizations which are trying to enrich children though their programs.  Many of the programs in the larger cities are reaching out to more children.  The Inner City Arts Program in Los Angeles, California ia one progam which offers many programs for children, such as Photography, Dance, Dramam, and Visual Arts.

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New Venture – Starting a Music School

Beginner and Intermediate            Piano Lessons2

After having taught piano in after school programs for about ten years, I decided it was time to go out on my own.  I am trying to start an art and music school to help enrich those children whose parents cannot afford private lessons for them.  They will have a better chance at getting accepted into college, will have better reading skills and math skills.

The trend is toward STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) schools which are gaining in popularity because of the information age.  Several charter schools have arisen in my area and some are offering art or music to enhance the skills of the students.

My most advanced student is beginning to play easy versions of some of the classical songs, as well as some contemporary classic songs composed by Stephan Beneking from Berlin, Germany.  He is one of the top ten composers on Sound Cloud.   We are preparing for a recital in the spring 2015.

The RI Kids Create Music School will offer classes in crochet, knitting, book writing, and watercolor painting for children and adults.  For more information, visit the site.

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Tulips – A Different View

Here is an interesting view of tulips I painted, looking down upon them while the petals were opening.  I was intrigued with this view, as it almost seemed as if they were looking up at me.  The painting is in watercolor on 11″ x 14″ paper.  I am resuming my painting again after someone posted a note on Facebook that anyone who was not working on their art was denying their emotional health.  It’s true!


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The Lilies of the Field

I have always enjoyed watching the day lilies bloom in the summer.   Though they are short –lived, they are one of the most beautiful flowers around!

The essence of the perfect creation,

Of the one who causes elation

So profound a magnificent manifestation

Of God’s love, a subtle personification.


SANY0232      SANY0233   SANY0236      SANY0231

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Crafters Display their Wares

Here are a few of the crafters who displayed their ware at the Artists, Crafters, Writers, Singers Emporium on June 16, 2012 at Touro Park in Newport, RI. It was a perfect day for an outdoor event. Many of the visitors were from out of town and several asked if we were going to be there each Saturday.  Certainly this is something to consider, since the arts are very popular in the State of Rhode Island.

Thanks to those who turned out for this event, the people in Bangladesh are one step closer to reaching their goal of building a church.  Meeting in a home, twenty people would love to have a real church that they could attend.  We are still taking donations, as we expand to help other groups of women and children in Pakistan and in India, including an orphanage an a group of women who are making clothing in a cement building with no electricity.  These women work diligently to supply food for their families.  Many of these women have suffered abuse or were abandoned by their husbands.  Left alone with their children, they are trying to provide food, shelter, and education for their children.

If you would like to help the Prospering Christians in this mission, please make a donation at the Global Fellowship website.   Click onto the on-line donation button and scroll down to Prospering Christians.  Enter in your donation amount and payment information.  Your donations are appreciated.

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Artists, Crafters, Writers, Singers Emporium

It is time to plan for the summer. Before you know it, it will be here. I have begun sending out invitations to the Prospering Christians Artists, Crafters, Writers Emporium which will be held in Touro Park, Newport Rhode Island on June 9, 2012 from 10 am – 3 pm. Anyone may be a vendor, regardless of whether they are Christian or not. This event is to benefit the Mission to Bangladesh.. The Prospering Christians are going to build and open a music school for one of the churches in Bangladesh. We plan to donate musical instruments for the school and church.

Vendors may purchase a booth to display their works. It is a great opportunity for any Christian book writers who have not been able to find a place to promote their books. We are seeking fifty vendors. Touro Park is located on historic Bellevue Avenue, in walking distance from the mansions. We are asking for a portion of the profits to be donated to this cause.

Both the Prospering Christian and Christian Marketplace are groups which you will find on Facebook. We are groups of Christians who are learning to manage our finances according to the Bible and how to market our businesses. We have been working closely with a couple from Jessore, Bangladesh, Fbiplob and Regina Biswas, who represent the Campus Crusade for Christ. They recently held a student conference on January 1, 2012 with over three hundred students participating.

Bangladesh has its share of problems including flooding which occurs during the monsoon season from June to October 2012. Many homes are destroyed, deaths occur, and food shortages are common during this time. The Prospering Christians are trying to lend support to the area whenever possible. Donations are being accepted at the Global Fellowship; website. Either send a check made out to “Global Fellowship” and add “Prospering Christians’ in the memo line to the address listed above he Online Donation button or click onto the Online Donation button and scroll down to “Prospering Christians.” Enter your doation amount an follow the directions to enter your payment information. _ Thank you!

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